I want to ride my bicycle


If you live in Amsterdam,
we probably have this in common.

Bike has been stolen countless times

Lost bike after night out or holiday

City has removed bike after 2 weeks


We are here to solve this!

– Find your bike with your app 
– Unlock your bike from anywhere 
– Scare off thieves with the motion sensor alarm
– Receive notifications if you need to move your bike


Tech details

Our solution is based on Lora technology that is making it’s rapid entrance in the world. Built for machine-to-machine communication (for your fridge to order milk, or your robot to tell the vacuum to start cleaning ), it offers great advantages to the Chain-of-command compared to other products out there right now.

  • Low energy consumption
  • location accuracy within 1 meter
  • Data-encrypted, for your security
  • Great price-point

The 2015 introduction in the city of Amsterdam will be followed up in rapid pace by more cities, powered by the long range, low cost and open frequency of it’s access points. The chain-of-command and app will function on all upcoming lora-web networks. Location tracing will be available on networks that support this feature.


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